Simulaatio 8 is confirmed!

Like some of you might have already realized we did announce that the SIMULAATIO 8 is confirmed. Little bit of information below and teaser pic from this year’s Assembly. See you all in MAY 2018!

Dates: 25-27.5.2018
Place: Hotel Joronjälki, Joroinen, Finland
Hotel rooms: sure!
Bus rides from Helsinki & other place: HELL YEAH!
Compos: yes yes yes and YES!
Awesome party soup & sausages: definetely

Stay tuned for more announcements during winter time, this is something that you DON’T want to miss!


Simulaatio 7 is over

Thank you everyone for such a nice party!

Everyone who placed either second or third in any of the compos at Simulaatio 7 please send us an email to info at with your bank account details so you’ll get your prize money, like this:

email subject: name of the compo, your placement.

email body:
realname: your full real name.
iban: your full iban-format bank account info.
author: name of the compo entry author, as it was submitted to pm.
entry: name of your entry in the compo.

Thank you!

Update 2016-05-30: We’re still missing information for the following: short wild 2nd, listening music 3rd, tinymusic 2nd, tinymusic 3rd, photo 2nd, textmode gfx 3rd, oldschool gfx 2nd, oldschool gfx 3rd. Please send us the info!

Poetry competition at 21:00!

The greatly successful poetry competition is back from Simulaatio 6!

Yet again our fantastic host Auvo will judge the compo, this time however he is accompanied by last year’s winner, Valhe.

You can submit your entry via (only accessible from intranet). Submitting a file is optional.

The authors will perform their poems starting at 21:00! The 16:00 deadline doesn’t apply to this compo. Just be prepared well before!


Saturday afternoon QUIZ!

I know you might feel flanky and hungover but on a Saturday afternoon IT’S QUIZ TIME!

  • Gather around the main stage before 15:00 and join our special Quiz hosted by Infamous Lameri Grue of Kasettilamerit.
  • Game time Saturday 15:00
  • Good prices
  • Questions in UNIVERSAL LAN-GUAGE!
  • Mour info from infodesk / partymeister

>> Schedule

Party Dinners @ Simulaatio webshop / Book your bus tickets!

Party dinners and breakfast is now available for purchase at the Simulaatio webshop!

Please place your orders at the webshop latest on 19th of May. The meals are also available for purchase at the partyplace, but only while supplies last, so pre-ordering is highly recommended.

Simulaatio menu:

  • Friday evening: Tortilla buffet with pulled pork, salads etc. Vegetarian option also available! (And this time there will be enough of it!) Price: 14 EUR
  • Saturday evening: Gr’s famous party burgers with ample condiments, side dishes, salads etc. The burger is available with beef or vegetable patties, both very delicious! Price: 14 EUR

Hotel breakfast menu:

  • Oatmeal porridge, breakfast cereal, toast, cucumber, tomato, cheese, ham, boiled egg, yoghurt, jam, juice and coffee. Price: Included with a hotel room, otherwise 8 EUR / day (Only available for both days in our webshop, which brings the total to 16 EUR.)

While you’re at it, why not book a ticket to Simulaatio Bustrip? There are still seats left in both buses, although bus #1 is filling up, so if you want to travel directly from Helsinki, book your ticket now!

Register at Simulaatio Webshop now!

Hot Tip! You can register to the webshop now. Your account from Simulaatio 6 should be available for recovery (password reset).

The ticket sales starts today at 19:00 EEST (Finnish Time) at Simulaatio Webshop. This includes the hotel room bookings and bus tickets so don’t be asleep if you want one!

Please note that some email clients may sort the messages from Coreshop into the spam folder. So check that first.


Webshop opening 14th of April 2016

Mark your calendars! The Simulaatio Webshop will open 14th of April 2016.

Bus ticket sales, hotel room bookings, entrance ticket sales etc. will begin at 19:00 EEST (Finnish time). Be quick, as we expect the hotel rooms to be filled pretty fast!

Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.


Simulaatio 7 announced

It’s here and it’s REAL! Simulaatio 7 coming up in May 2016 – book your flights, request your rights and be ready to attend teh most awesome demoparty of the year! More info about travel, timetable, competitions and bus rides coming up later!

Initial info:
Date: 20-22 of May 2016
Location: Hotel Joronjälki, Joroinen, Finland
Capacity: 300 people max
Party features: compos, quizez, music, art, saunas, Palju (“Finnish Jacuzzi”), party dinners and all that shizzle!