Simulaatio 7 is over

Thank you everyone for such a nice party!

Everyone who placed either second or third in any of the compos at Simulaatio 7 please send us an email to info at with your bank account details so you’ll get your prize money, like this:

email subject: name of the compo, your placement.

email body:
realname: your full real name.
iban: your full iban-format bank account info.
author: name of the compo entry author, as it was submitted to pm.
entry: name of your entry in the compo.

Thank you!

Update 2016-05-30: We’re still missing information for the following: short wild 2nd, listening music 3rd, tinymusic 2nd, tinymusic 3rd, photo 2nd, textmode gfx 3rd, oldschool gfx 2nd, oldschool gfx 3rd. Please send us the info!