Hotel rooms

Simulaatio 8 party venue has limited amount of basic, affordable hotel rooms available. Hotel room prices include basic breakfast on both mornings.

Hotel rooms can be booked from: Simulaatio Webshop

Hotel room prices:

  • 40 € per person per night, so a two-person room costs 80 € per night.
  • Only “full rooms” are going to be sold, for the whole weekend. So if you’re buying a two-person room, you will pay for both persons, for two nights = 160 € total.
  • Most of the rooms are two-person rooms, but there are a few three-person rooms aswell.
  • Hotel rooms price includes breakfast.
  • Hotel rooms will be ONLY available for booking through our Webshop 9h of April 2018 at 19:00 EEST (Finnish time). Be quick! The rooms will be sold out very fast.

Check-In to Hotel rooms:

  • After checking in at the Simulaatio info desk, and getting your Simulaatio Badge, you can continue to the Hotel Check-In Desk.
  • At the Hotel Check-In Desk you need to tell your real name (name of the person who *booked* the hotel room), and you’ll get the room key(s).
  • Only one person per room (=the person who *booked* the room) should check-in.
  • It’s good to have the actual hotel room booking/ticket email (from Coreshop) available with you when checking in.
  • The Hotel already has everyone’s real name and contact information, so there’s no need to provide that information at the hotel check-in desk.

Access to Hotel Breakfast:

  • Person(s) who booked a hotel room will have breakfast available on both the Saturday and Sunday mornings.
  • You can enter the Breakfast area by telling the real name of the person who *booked* the hotel room.
  • Only the persons who booked a hotel room are allowed to have the hotel breakfast.
  • Also the persons who bought the separate Hotel Breakfast Package are allowed to the hotel breakfast, by telling their real name at the entrance.

Standard party accommodation

Of course we have the classic party accommodation option as well, included in the entrance ticket price. Plenty of silent room space is available for your comfort – remember to bring your sleeping bags, pillows and inflatable beds with you!