Simulaatio Bustrip

By far the most convenient and fun way to come to Simulaatio!

We are organizing bustrips from Helsinki and Tampere (via Jyväskylä, and Hämeenlinna if there’s demand) to the party place and back. Bus tickets are now available at Simulaatio Webshop!

Remember to enter your correct, valid and working email address when placing the bus ticket order on the webshop. Updates about the bus trip, and the actual tickets are sent to the email address you provided! Please don’t use as they seem to have a lot of problems with accepting incoming email. Also remember to check your Spam/Junk folder, as some email services tend to flag webshop emails as spam.

Some refreshments are included in the bus ticket price!

Official Simulaatio Bus Schedules:

TO party on Friday 25.05.2018:

  • From downtown Helsinki (Kiasma):
    • Bus #1 leaving at 16:30 from Kiasma, arriving at 20:30
    • Bus #2 leaving at 14:30 from Kiasma, arriving at 21:00
  • From downtown Tampere: Bus #2 leaving at 17:00 from the Tampere Railway Station, via Jyväskylä (Matkakeskus) at 19:00, arriving at 21:00.

FROM party on Sunday 27.05.2018:

  • Both buses: From Joroinen at 13:00.
    • Bus #1 arriving Helsinki at 17:30
    • Bus #2 arriving Tampere at 17:30 and Helsinki at 20:00


  • Bus #1: Helsinki – Lahti – Mikkeli – Joroinen
  • Bus #2: Helsinki – Tampere – Jyväskylä – Joroinen

Bus Ticket prices:

    • Bus #1: From Helsinki: 60 €
    • Bus #2: From Helsinki: 50 €
    • Bus #2: From Tampere: 50 €
    • Bus #2: From Jyväskylä: 30 €

Bus Ticket price includes both ways, to the party place, and back. Some refreshments are included in the bus ticket price!

Entrance to Simulaatio Bus:

  • You will enter the Bus by telling your real name (the name of the person who *bought* the bus ticket).
  • It’s good to have the actual Simulaatio bus ticket email (from Coreshop) available when entering the bus.
  • Remember to arrive to the bus stop 15 mins *before* the scheduled leaving time!
  • Bus #1 is hosted by Da_Tommi and T-101.
  • Bus #2 is hosted by Nosfe.
  • If you have any last minute questions on Friday please contact the bus hosts directly!

Entrance to Simulaatio Party Place:

  • Remember you also need a separate Simulaatio entrance ticket.

Seats reserved:

  • Bus #1 (Helsinki -> Simulaatio and back): 33/49
  • Bus #2 (Helsinki -> Simulaatio via Tampere and back): 7/49