PLEASE NOTE: Due to the Finnish alcohol laws, personal drinks are NOT ALLOWED inside the restaurant area, which includes the main party hall and sleeping area! You are also forbidden to bring your drinks outside.

  • The organizers have the right to remove anyone breaking these rules from the party place without refunds
  • Only the people who have paid the entrance fee or have their name on the VIP list are allowed to enter the party hall
  • All the Finnish laws apply at the party
  • It is forbidden to bring weapons or explosives to the party place
  • Any damage caused to the party place or equipment at the party place will be paid for by the person who caused it – this applies outside the party hall too!
  • Any kind of disturbance of network traffic, sniffing on the network, and (attempts of) breaking into computers or servers on the network or on the internet are forbidden
  • It is forbidden to distribute/download/upload illegal material to/from the party network
  • You are not allowed to make noise in the sleeping area
  • You are not allowed to disturb/harass other party visitors
  • The organizers do not take any responsibility for your computer or other personal belongings

For compo rules, please see the competitions -page.