Welcome to Simulaatio 8

We are pleased to invite you all to Simulaatio 8. Website is now open and we are adding new content on weekly basis. Please check out the compos and get your creative engine booming. As we are such a hungry hippos for old skool art we are dedicating our oldskool graphics compo for EGA graphics so go make some awesome 16 color madness. Checkout http://simulaatio.org/s8/competitions/ for compos and related rules & limitations. Please feel free to drop us a line through contact us, #simulaatio @ ircnet or twitter.com/simulaatio if you have any questions. See you at the party!

Btw. Simulaatio8 ticket, bus ticket and hotel room sales was delayed and starts 9.4.2018 at 19:00 (Finnish/EEST time) – sori siitä, things happen

– Simulaatio.org

Simulaatio 8 is confirmed!

Like some of you might have already realized we did announce that the SIMULAATIO 8 is confirmed. Little bit of information below and teaser pic from this year’s Assembly. See you all in MAY 2018!

Dates: 25-27.5.2018
Place: Hotel Joronjälki, Joroinen, Finland
Hotel rooms: sure!
Bus rides from Helsinki & other place: HELL YEAH!
Compos: yes yes yes and YES!
Awesome party soup & sausages: definetely

Stay tuned for more announcements during winter time, this is something that you DON’T want to miss!