Date & Location

  • Simulaatio 8 demoparty happens on 25.-27. of May 2018 at Hotelli Joronjälki, Joroinen, Finland.

Venue & Accommodation

  • An idyllic oldschool hotel, once featured on national TV!
  • We’ve booked the whole building, this event is strictly demoscene-only.
  • Room for 300 people max.
  • Easy to find, right next to highway 5 (Valtatie 5 / VT5).
  • Shop(s) and restaurant(s) nearby.
  • Hotel rooms available
  • Traditional demoparty sleeping area – included in the ticket price.
  • Tables for your computer gear.

Sauna & Showers

  • There will be two saunas available for your enjoyment at the party.
  • Clean showers, open 24/7.
  • Palju (“Finnish Jacuzzi”) will be available outside of the party place, with direct access from Saunas.

Bar & Snacks & Food

  • Step right up and order a refreshing drink or a hundred.
  • The Bar of the Hotel will be open until 01:30, serving beer and drinks. Prices will be affordable.
  • Do you have what it takes to be knighted as the mighty baariritari?
  • Food & snacks available for purchase.
  • Take-away foodwaves with a discount from places familiar from previous Simulaatio parties!

Party Dinners

  • Simulaatio Organizing’s cooks will nourish you with their delicious creations!
  • You can buy party dinner vouchers from the Simulaatio webshop.
  • Both meat & vegetable options available! Specify this when ordering your food.
  • MENU:
    • Friday: Tortilla buffet with Pulled Pork and Vegetarian options. Also includes salad.
    • Saturday: Gr’s famous partyburger with various side dishes. Beef & vegetarian options available.
  • Price per dinner: 14 EUR.
  • Deadline for ordering food via the webshop: Thu 24.5.2018
  • Dinners will be available for purchase at the partyplace while supplies last. Pre-order your food to make sure you get some!

Hotel Breakfast

  • Basic Hotel Breakfast is included in the hotel room prices, so those of you who booked a hotel room for Simulaatio will automatically have a breakfast available.
  • Others who do NOT have a hotel room booked can buy the basic hotel breakfast separately.
  • Hotel Breakfast vouchers are available from the Simulaatio webshop.
  • Basic Hotel Breakfast includes: oatmeal porridge, breakfast cereal, cucumber, tomato, cheese, ham, boiled egg, yoghurt, toast, jam, juice, coffee.
  • Price: 8 eur per person, per day, only available for both mornings, so 16 eur total.


Audio & Bigscreen

  • Powerful PA system
  • Heavy-duty projector
  • Biggest screen we could possibly fit inside
  • 100% less explosions caused by faulty power cables! (Not absolutely guaranteed.)


  • Live DJ’s, the Saturday afternoon-show, fast compos and more!