Simulaatio 8 prizes

Simulaatio 8 prizes have now been paid for those who already sent their bank account information! Congrats to everyone placing in top 3 🙂

In the end at Simulaatio 8 demoparty we had around the same amount of prize money as Simulaatio 7 did. That’s good considering we had a bit less visitors this time!

We’re still missing bank account information for the following compos:

  • newschool intro: 2nd
  • oldschool intro: 1st
  • shortwild: 2nd, 3rd
  • listening music: 2nd and 3rd
  • dance music: 1st
  • tiny music: 3rd
  • gif anim: 3rd
  • oldschool gfx: 3rd
  • newschool gfx: 1st
  • photo: 2nd and 3rd

Important: All the compo participants who placed first, second or third need to send an email to info (at) with the following details, to get your compo prizes:

  • Subject: compo_name your_placement
  • Body:
  • – Your Real Name
    – Your bank account information in IBAN format.
    – Name of the entry (“foo by bar”).

If you have a foreign (non-Finnish) bank account please also add your snailmail address.