DJ+VJ set on Friday: Zov & Closed Eye Visyals + Open Decks invitation

Zov & Closed Eye Visyals

Would you like to dance, baby?

On Friday, right after the Dance Music Compo, Zov will keep the party going with a DJ set comprising of even more dance music: His appetizing selection ranging from bouncy house music tracks to full rave annihilation is certain to entertain.

To ensure a total audiovisual extravaganza, Zov will be accompanied by Closed Eye Visyals, a VJ experience by none other than Visy.

Would you like to play our song, baby?

Since we know that the scene is full of talented and/or enthusiastic DJ’s, we’ve decided to open up a possibility for eager disk & disc jockeys to show us what they got: Open Decks! Our gear is ready and willing to blast your vinyl, CD and digital format tracks to the ears of partygoers until the wee hours, on Friday & Saturday. (Exotic format/preferred weapon of mixing? Bring your own device. We’ll hook it up if it looks like it won’t blow anything up.) If you are interested, throw us a line in advance and tell us about your plans. Just showing up wielding a record bag or a memory stick has very slim chances of giving you a moment in spotlight!