22.-24.5.2015 IN JOROINEN, FINLAND

Simulaatio 6


Party over, results + releases available

Simulaatio has made a successful comeback! Our small, yet amazingly efficient team combined with the near-perfect location of Joronjälki made sure that the party was worth the hype and worthy of carrying the Simulaatio name.

However, as the age-old phrase goes, a party is nothing without its visitors. So, Simulaatio organizing would like to thank everyone for coming, behaving nice, contributing and making this party amazing. Auvo sends his regards: We’re welcome to Joronjälki any time in the future. So THANK YOU EVERYBODY! See you next time!

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Notorious ROTOR-visa returns as it will kick-off our Saturday afternoon.

  • Gather a team of three and join our Saturday afternoon quiz-show
  • Game time Saturday 15:30
  • Four (4) teams max (and min – lol well yeah)
  • Good prices
  • Questions in Finnish (sorry)
  • Mour info from infodesk / partymeister

>> Schedule

A thank you to our sponsors!

We’d like to have a moment of reverent appreciation for our sponsors, who make this party awesome. Prize money, projectors, power cables, broadcast-level streaming gear, visibility, support. They all come from these awesome people!

Schedule released


*UPDATED* Schedule updated 18.5.2015 – should be final!
First version of the schedule released. Head down to Schedule-page to view it. There might be some changes later on so no guarantees…

>> Schedule

– Simulaatio Organizing

Party dinners

Heads up people it’s dinner time!
This time Simulaatio Organizing’s cooks will nourish you with their delicious creations. If you want to have a tasty, convenient party dinner waiting for you on Friday, when the Simulaatio bus arrives to the party place (around 9 o’clock) or on Saturday afternoon (5-7 o’clock) read on… Here are some quick facts about how we roll:

  • Party dinner menu on Friday evening: Tortilla buffet with Pulled Pork and Vegetarian options. Also includes salad.
  • Party dinner on Saturday evening: Famous Gr-style Party Burger, both Beef and Vegetarian options. Also includes salad and fries.
  • Price is 12,50 eur per person, per dinner.
  • Dinners on both evenings are included the superior class supporter tickets. (ticket #2 120 e & ticket #3 175 e tickets)
  • You can buy party dinner vouchers from the Simulaatio webshop.
  • Deadline for Friday dinner is on Friday morning 10:00 & Saturday deadline is on Saturday morning 11:00 so get ’em while you can!

>> Simulaatio webshop


Compo PC specifications published!

The compo machine specs have been confirmed:

Primary compo PC:

  • i7 2600k @ 4.3GHz
  • nVidia GTX 970 (DX11, OGL4.5)
  • 16GB DDR3 1600MHz
  • Windows 7 64-bit

Secondary compo PC:

  • i7 920 @ ~3Ghz
  • nVidia GTX 780 (DX11, OGL4.5)
  • 16GB DDR3
  • Windows 7 64-bit

The secondary machine is a back-up and will only be used if there’s a problem with the primary.

Now, go forth and code!

Who’s coming revealed

We just added a new classic party feature to the site so visitors can now sign-up for the party. Also everyone else can see who’s coming. So if you are planning to come to Simulaatio 6 please fill in your details to “who’s coming”-page and add some crazy one liner to entertain others. TWO WEEKS BABY TWO WEEKS!

>> Who’s coming

– Simulaatio Organizing

Ticket & Hotel sales open

Hotel rooms & entrance tickets are now available in the shop. Grab yours while you can.

*Update* All hotel rooms are now booked. Remember that we also have a quite a big traditional demoparty sleeping area available for free!

– Simulaatio Organizing

Ticket & Hotel price info update!

So, here’s the damage:

  • Entrance ticket price: 40 €
  • Hotel room price per person per night: 35 €
  • Supporter ticket details will be available later

We’re expecting to start the online sales of tickets and hotel rooms two weeks from now (after easter / Revision). Find out the details at the Tickets & Accommodation page!

Quick FAQ:

Q: Will the hotel bar be open and will it sell beer?

A: Yes, and yes. Also drinks.

See you at the party! 😉

– Simulaatio Organizing

Bustrip ticket PRE-ORDERS now available!

So here’s the deal:
– You can now PRE-ORDER the Simulaatio 6 bustrip tickets from our webshop.
– We get to know the number of people taking the bus(es), and thus we’ll be able to confirm the final bus ticket price(s).
– More people taking the bus = cheaper tickets, so please let all your demoscene friends know about the Simulaatio 6 bustrips!
– Please pre-order the bustrip tickets NOW!

– Please go to our webshop and add the pre-order bus ticket(s) to shopping cart.
– Proceed to checkout the cart.
– Remember to enter a valid, working email address and proper contact information.
– You’ll receive the order confirmations, online payment instructions and actual tickets to the email address you provided.
– You won’t pay anything now, choose “Pay Later” when checking out the pre-order bus tickets.
– At a later date, when the final bus ticket price is confirmed, you’ll get an email with a link to make the online payment for your pre-ordered bus tickets.
– After you’ve done the payment you’ll receive the actual bus ticket(s) to your email.

– Online payment methods (later on when the ticket prices are confirmed): Finnish internet bank accounts, and common credit/debit cards, supported by checkout.fi payment service.

More information about the bustrips on the Location & Travel page