22.-24.5.2015 IN JOROINEN, FINLAND

Simulaatio 6


Ticket & Hotel price info update!

So, here’s the damage:

  • Entrance ticket price: 40 €
  • Hotel room price per person per night: 35 €
  • Supporter ticket details will be available later

We’re expecting to start the online sales of tickets and hotel rooms two weeks from now (after easter / Revision). Find out the details at the Tickets & Accommodation page!

Quick FAQ:

Q: Will the hotel bar be open and will it sell beer?

A: Yes, and yes. Also drinks.

See you at the party! ;)

– Simulaatio Organizing

Bustrip ticket PRE-ORDERS now available!

So here’s the deal:
– You can now PRE-ORDER the Simulaatio 6 bustrip tickets from our webshop.
– We get to know the number of people taking the bus(es), and thus we’ll be able to confirm the final bus ticket price(s).
– More people taking the bus = cheaper tickets, so please let all your demoscene friends know about the Simulaatio 6 bustrips!
– Please pre-order the bustrip tickets NOW!

– Please go to our webshop and add the pre-order bus ticket(s) to shopping cart.
– Proceed to checkout the cart.
– Remember to enter a valid, working email address and proper contact information.
– You’ll receive the order confirmations, online payment instructions and actual tickets to the email address you provided.
– You won’t pay anything now, choose “Pay Later” when checking out the pre-order bus tickets.
– At a later date, when the final bus ticket price is confirmed, you’ll get an email with a link to make the online payment for your pre-ordered bus tickets.
– After you’ve done the payment you’ll receive the actual bus ticket(s) to your email.

– Online payment methods (later on when the ticket prices are confirmed): Finnish internet bank accounts, and common credit/debit cards, supported by checkout.fi payment service.

More information about the bustrips on the Location & Travel page

Oldschool Graphics rules, platforms updated

Based on feedback received, we refined the Oldschool Graphics competition rules a bit.

We also added Amiga 3000 as an ECS platform option, and confirmed that both SIDs will be available on C64.

See Competitions for more info, and do send us your suggestions and comments!

– Simulaatio Organizing

Welcome to Simulaatio 6!

The site is open for business!

Bus registration, ticket sales & room bookings will begin at a later date with the opening of the online shop. The date will be announced beforehand, so don’t worry about missing out! Now it is time to really start working for your productions!

Welcome to the party! It’s been a long time!

– Simulaatio Organizing