Party… FOOD!

Partydinners are STILL available in the webshop. Please place your orders at the webshop latest on 24th of May. The meals are also available for purchase at the partyplace, but only while supplies last, so pre-ordering is highly recommended.

Simulaatio menu:

  • Friday evening: Tortilla buffet with pulled pork, salads etc. Vegetarian option also available! (And this time there will be enough of it!) Price: 14 EUR
  • Saturday evening: Gr’s ULTRA-SMASHED party burgers with ample condiments, side dishes, salads etc. The burger is available with beef or vegetable patties, both very delicious! Price: 14 EUR

While you’re at it, we have still few places left on buses so book a ticket to Simulaatio Bustrip and why not bring a friend to a party as well?

See you tomorrow – let there be an unforgettable party!

DJ+VJ set on Friday: Zov & Closed Eye Visyals + Open Decks invitation

Zov & Closed Eye Visyals

Would you like to dance, baby?

On Friday, right after the Dance Music Compo, Zov will keep the party going with a DJ set comprising of even more dance music: His appetizing selection ranging from bouncy house music tracks to full rave annihilation is certain to entertain.

To ensure a total audiovisual extravaganza, Zov will be accompanied by Closed Eye Visyals, a VJ experience by none other than Visy.

Would you like to play our song, baby?

Since we know that the scene is full of talented and/or enthusiastic DJ’s, we’ve decided to open up a possibility for eager disk & disc jockeys to show us what they got: Open Decks! Our gear is ready and willing to blast your vinyl, CD and digital format tracks to the ears of partygoers until the wee hours, on Friday & Saturday. (Exotic format/preferred weapon of mixing? Bring your own device. We’ll hook it up if it looks like it won’t blow anything up.) If you are interested, throw us a line in advance and tell us about your plans. Just showing up wielding a record bag or a memory stick has very slim chances of giving you a moment in spotlight!

Healium LIVE at Simulaatio (Acieed!)

Simulaatio Organizing is pleased to announce we’ve booked Healium for a LIVE gig at Simulaatio 8 demoparty!

Roots back in the 90’s, yet creating fresh sounds for the future, Healium has become one of the strongest acid warriors of our time. Testaments to the fact are for example releases on international labels such as Djax-up-beats, Futureaudio and Vi Två Proloop, and remixes for Union Jack, Art of trance and Acid Invaders, among others.

Healium is a well known act in the Finnish underground electronic music scene, having released their first 12″ vinyl back in 1999, and being active in the scene ever since.

Simulaatio Organizing is extremely happy to have Healium performing at Simulaatio 8, now part of their Spring Tour 2018. Acieeed!

Healium @ Facebook

“Healium – 303 = Acid”:

“Healium – Trip”:

“Healium – Slush”:

“Acid Invaders – Now (Healium Remix)”:

Schedule released

Simulaatio 8 schedule is now released. Head down to Schedule-page to view it. There might be some changes later on so no guarantees at this stage but at least the compo days and times are rather final.

>> Schedule

Btw. remember that we are taking orders for party dinners and they are available in the shop!

– Simulaatio Organizing

Invitation to Simulaatio 8 released at the Revision 2018

Our official party invitation is out. Thanks goes to our American friends at the Hackers Media Industries to make this happen! Go and check it out! Also includes modeled party venue, JORONJÄLKI!, as playable Quake 1 map.

Invitation is available on or below as a youtube video:

Pss. Simulaatio8 ticket and hotel room sales starts 9.4.2018 at 19:00 – only one week to go!

Update: added youtube

Tiny music compo: poll!

We as organizers have been debating that should we or not organize also tiny music competition at Simulaatio 8. And as we didn’t come up with clear answer for this we are now asking from all of you. Please answer to the poll below how would you feel about the tiny music competition, thanks all!

[poll id=”0″]

Welcome to Simulaatio 8

We are pleased to invite you all to Simulaatio 8. Website is now open and we are adding new content on weekly basis. Please check out the compos and get your creative engine booming. As we are such a hungry hippos for old skool art we are dedicating our oldskool graphics compo for EGA graphics so go make some awesome 16 color madness. Checkout for compos and related rules & limitations. Please feel free to drop us a line through contact us, #simulaatio @ ircnet or if you have any questions. See you at the party!

Btw. Simulaatio8 ticket, bus ticket and hotel room sales was delayed and starts 9.4.2018 at 19:00 (Finnish/EEST time) – sori siitä, things happen


Simulaatio 8 is confirmed!

Like some of you might have already realized we did announce that the SIMULAATIO 8 is confirmed. Little bit of information below and teaser pic from this year’s Assembly. See you all in MAY 2018!

Dates: 25-27.5.2018
Place: Hotel Joronjälki, Joroinen, Finland
Hotel rooms: sure!
Bus rides from Helsinki & other place: HELL YEAH!
Compos: yes yes yes and YES!
Awesome party soup & sausages: definetely

Stay tuned for more announcements during winter time, this is something that you DON’T want to miss!